Here’s a development where new technology is helping payments to be processed at time of service and potentially stretched over time in another part of the automotive space.

AutoVitals, a digital vehicle inspection and shop workflow solution, recently formed a partnership with Facepay, a relational payments platform that helps business owners substantially increase profits by eliminating credit card processing and transaction fees.

According to a news release, AutoVitals became interested in Facepay’s technology because it can allow auto shop owners to adopt a modern payment structure with a low-cost, fixed monthly subscription.

In turn, Facepay offering can provide repair shops with a touchless, more streamlined process for their consumers that will also add to their bottom line.

AutoVitals said it is committed to providing solutions and technologies that allow shops to grow profitably. The company explained Facepay’s management system can be easily integrated into an auto shop’s existing workflow.

Facepay also can allow shops to offer multiple payment options, including contactless payments, monthly installments, and service subscription plans.

AutoVitals highlighted that some shops are already experiencing the benefits of this partnership. Brittany Schindler at Rod’s Japanese Auto Care said 82% of its sales went through AutoVitals and Facepay.

“Our customers love it and so do we,” Schindler in the news release. “It’s so seamless and easy.”

Top executives at both AutoVitals and Facepay are hopeful more shops such as Rod’s Japanese Auto Care can experience similar successes.

“Focusing on customers is your one chance for profitable growth; after all, you only get one chance to wow them,” Facepay founder Mark Hale said.

“Facepay works best when incorporated into your existing workflow. We couldn’t be happier than to work with the leading provider of workflow software, AutoVitals, to deliver real profits to the shop owners,” Hale continued.

AutoVitals chief executive officer Jon Belmonte added, “AutoVitals is known as a true innovator in the automotive aftermarket and so is Facepay.

“We want to make sure our clients have access to all the top financial service options to help them best support their customers as well as save money when possible. We’re excited to be partnered with the Facepay team,” Belmonte went on to say.