CUDL is broadening the reach of its credit union financing network to go beyond vehicles.

Integrated Dealer Systems (IDS), a leading RV, marine and trailer dealership management software provider, recently launched a new integration with CUDL.

According to a news release, this integration will cut down the time it takes dealerships to process F&I requests, while connecting them with an extensive pool of credit unions.

The integration with the CUDL platform allows IDS dealership partners to connect with a network of more than 1,100 local and national credit unions and their more than 64 million members.

By integrating CUDL with the IDS dealer management system, dealers can:

• Save time on double entry by transferring your F&I data from IDS to CUDL and back automatically

• Streamline the pre-approval process and see statuses of your loans in real-time

• Leverage a simple, modern, and easy to use interface

“With today’s ever-changing lending landscape, we recognize the value and need for delivering a simplified, streamlined application process for dealers and their customers,” CUDL product director Marty Simons said in the news release. “We’re excited to partner with IDS to provide dealers with a simplified financing process, and an improved overall experience for their customers.”

IDS product manager Pelumi Ogedengbe added, “F&I is a major profit center for many of our dealers, and we’ve worked closely with CUDL to make the entire application process seamless for dealers to process and obtain loan approvals. Now dealers can process loans with access to over 1000 credit unions.”

To learn more about the IDS-CUDL integration, reach out to the IDS support team at or call at (800) 962-7872.