If your state allows it, Dealertrack wants to provide your store the option of letting customers digitally sign documents to complete financing and delivery.

Or as Bridgewater Chevrolet finance manager Christopher Klein puts it: “I can now truly give our customers what they have been asking for — less time at the dealership doing paperwork.”

Dealertrack recently launched Dealertrack Ready Sign, giving Dealertrack uniFI platform users the flexibility to remotely sign and submit any deal document digitally as permitted by their state.

Adding to this enhanced functionality, the company said Dealertrack DMS Laser Forms will now also seamlessly integrate into Dealertrack uniFI to provide dealer staff with one continuous digital workflow.

Combined, Dealertrack highlighted these enhancements streamline F&I and DMS forms into a single signing ceremony for consumers either in-store or remotely, enabling the enhanced and touchless customer experience critical to keeping deals on track regardless of the current environment.

Furthermore, Dealertrack pointed out that it now offers the ability to create and save signature templates for frequently uploaded documents — which can save more time and steps from the deal workflow — especially for stores that complete deliveries in buyer’s driveways or other places besides the showroom.

Over the past few months, Dealertrack acknowledged digital solutions have quickly shifted from “nice to have” to “essential” for dealerships. In fact, according to Dealertrack sales and transaction data, between mid-April and mid-July, interest in e-contracting grew 94% while the number of contracts signed remotely rose by 97%. 

“The Dealertrack Ready Sign functionality and Dealertrack DMS Laser Forms integration are the next steps in our ongoing effort to help dealerships adapt to an ever-accelerating shift online,” said Cheryl Miller, vice president of operations for Dealertrack F&I Solutions.

“With the ability to more securely upload, sign and submit all deal documents digitally from a single location, delivering an adaptable and paperless customer experience has never been simpler,” Miller continued in a news release

Using Dealertrack Digital Contracting with the new Ready Sign functionality, sales staff can add a signature block, date and initials to any deal document uploaded to Dealertrack uniFI. This enhancement significantly expands dealerships’ eSigning capabilities beyond the traditional funding and compliance forms.

Dealertrack users can now eSign — from anywhere — any dealership, state or other document that is eligible to be electronically signed by state law, including:

• Credit application, credit bureau authorization and privacy notice

• Aftermarket contracts and final menu documents

• State specific forms such as odometer statement and buyer’s guide (in states where digital signing is allowed)

• Dealership specific forms such as we owe, buyer’s order and GPS disclosure

Streamlining the workflow further, Dealertrack DMS Laser Forms that previously needed to be signed in a separate session within the DMS now be can imported and signed in Dealertrack uniFI. As a result, what has historically been a frustrating process of printing and signing documents across multiple platforms is now possible virtually in a single signing session, according to the company.

Klein, the finance manager for Bridgewater Chevrolet in Bridgewater, N.J., elaborated in the news release about what the Dealertrack tools have done for his store.

“I have been in the car business for 10 years and never thought I would have a single digital signing session,” Klein said.

“With the Dealertrack DMS Laser Forms integration and Dealertrack Ready Sign technology, I can now truly give our customers what they have been asking for — less time at the dealership doing paperwork. Getting them in and out — whether virtually or in-person — in no time with a simple, easy, streamlined experience is giving our customers that ‘wow factor,’ which to me is priceless,” he went on to say.

The release also contained the user experience from another dealership manager. David Barash is finance director for the Glassman Automotive Group in Michigan.

“Dealertrack Ready Sign allows us to be a more versatile and accessible retailer. It has removed obstacles and turned them into opportunities so our sales staff can sell more cars,” Barash said. “With Dealertrack Ready Sign, we can offer a simple, seamless, single signing experience for our customers and business managers either remotely or in-store.

“Enhancing the delivery experience puts the final touch on our version of digital retailing so our tech-savvy clientele can, if they choose, buy a vehicle in their pajamas from home,” he went on to say.

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