Lightico chief revenue officer Gilad Komorov wrote in a commentary published by Auto Fin Journal earlier this summer that “Auto-loan fraud may be growing in complexity, but so are the technologies that are being created to combat it.”

The partnership the Emerging 8 honoree finalized on Wednesday reinforces Komorov’s assertion about how the firm involved in next-generation digital customer interactions is trying to help.

Lightico announced a partnership with Mitek, a provider of digital identity verification services, to augment its identification and verification (ID&V) toolset. The partnership comes on the heels of what the Lightico said has been “unprecedented” growth during the first half of this year as businesses, especially banking and insurance, scramble to provide remote, easy and secure services to consumers.

“When looking for the right partner to bolster our ID&V services, we knew it had to combine two core values that define our platform: best-in-class security with the imperative to make interactions seamless and simple,” Lightico chief executive officer Zviki Ben Ishay said in a news release.

“We’re excited to be continuing our rapid growth with the knowledge that Mitek’s industry-leading technology will help us keep millions of interactions easy and secure,” Ben Ishay continued.

Lightico highlighted the integration includes a combination of Mitek technologies used by leading financial institutions including Mobile Verify with Face Compare, a next-generation digital identity verification service, and Mobile Fill to speed up processes.

The firms explained this new technology can provide top-of-the-line fraud detection and prevention to support Lightico’s offerings, including remote onboarding, servicing, loan origination and modification to reduce turnaround times, improve completion rates, cut fraud and increase customer satisfaction.

“Lightico is a terrific partner because we share the same goals: making digital transactions secure, effortless, efficient and, as Lightico says, unforgettable,” Mitek vice president head of product and corporate development Sanjay Gupta. “That’s never been more important than in today’s complicated world.”

Lightico’s solution is designed to digitize customer-facing interactions such as e-signatures, document collection and payment for businesses, allowing for consumers to quickly and securely complete processes on their mobile phones through a link that opens a secure channel.

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