NETSOL Technologies last week announced the opening of a new support and delivery center in Austin, Texas.

The global business services and enterprise application solutions provider highlighted its state-of-the-art facility will have the capacity of accommodating more than 100 employees who will facilitate the company’s growing customer base across the North American region.

“Our modern technology platform for the North American and global asset finance and leasing industry, NFS Ascent, is already live in North America and we found it necessary to expand our presence in the region to cater to the growing demand for the product in the market,” said Peter Minshall, executive vice president and head of NETSOL Technologies Americas.

“NFS Ascent is our premier product and we have a complete digital augmentation through various other finance and leasing solutions. Moreover, we have more innovative products in the pipeline,” Minshall continued in a news release. “Our new office in Austin will ensure we are able to continue meeting the demand for our products and services from customers in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

“The new facility will initially serve as our proximity delivery and customer support center for our tier one auto and equipment finance clients. Austin will house both our seasoned auto fintech domain experts as well as new hires, to provide delivery and project management oversight, including software architects, developers, business analysts, project managers, QA teams, and various other technical resources and essential pre-sales, sales and marketing personnel, among others,” Minshall added

“Austin is an ideal location as a leading technology hub in North America, to source and attract the talent we need.”

The company mentioned key executives who have been managing U.S. customers in other countries, such as Suhail Sarwar, program director for China, will also relocate to Austin.

“Austin is the perfect location for our second office in the United States,” NETSOL Technologies founder and CEO Najeeb Ghauri said. “Globally, we serve the world’s largest captive finance companies, banks and equipment finance and leasing companies, enabling them to futureproof their business operations and processes. North America is an important growth market for us, and we are strategically focused on increasing our presence and reach in this region.

“The new facility complements our Calabasas, Calif., location and enables us to offer enhanced support to NETSOL’s growing customer base in North America,” Ghauri continued.

“Our recruitment process is underway and in addition to adding new employees, certain existing employees will be offered the opportunity to relocate to Austin as well,” he added. “This is an exciting time for NETSOL Technologies Americas as we commit to further expanding our North American presence and exceeding client expectations.”