This week, Solifi, a global fintech software partner for secured finance, announced the launch of its software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based lease and installment contract pricing solution for the U.S. equipment and automotive finance industries.

The company said the SaaS version of Solifi’s pricing tool provides users with enhanced pricing and reporting functionality — from simple contracts to complex leases.

Available on Solifi’s open finance platform, the company pointed out the pricing solution is consumption-based rather than priced per user, in an attempt to make it a cost-effective for any size secured finance organization and provides the ability to quickly scale as needed. 

This next-gen product leverages the Solifi Lease and Loan Pricing software suite, which can allow equipment and automotive finance companies to easily generate quotes and create reports in one straightforward process — making it simple to offer tailored finance quotes and factor in complex payment, tax and expense details.

Solifi pricing features and functionality also include:

• Advanced tax calculations that include multiple options for pre-tax and after-tax yields

• A full set of downloadable reports that includes summaries, cash flow, tax, rent, accounting, proof-of-yield reports, and casualty / termination reports that protect after-tax yields

• Flexible payment periods that allow users to select desired payment period – including, but not limited to, weekly and fortnightly 

• Expansion of calculations that supports calculations based on actual days

• New SaaS-based technology that streamline processes and is more easily maintained with the latest innovation

• Configurable bonus depreciation to accommodate the upcoming 2023 bonus depreciation rate modifications

“We’re excited to introduce our newest solution in our suite of pricing products for equipment and automotive finance lenders, which allows customers to access pricing functionality anywhere and at any time,” Solifi chief product officer Bill Noel said in a news release.

“Our SaaS-based pricing solution features an intuitive user interface making it easy for field sales to quickly create conditional quotes and secure more business. It is our mission to help our customers win and to provide increasing value through our open finance platform,” Noel continued.