Less than a month after landing a partnership with banking technology solutions provider Nymbus, Lightico announced on Wednesday it’s now collaborating with Wolters Kluwer Compliance Solutions, too.

Lightico said it plans to leverage the capabilities of Wolters Kluwer’s eOriginal product suite of digital financing tools, including its eVaulting technology, to enhance Lightico customer transactions.

Executives highlighted the alliance strengthens Lightico’s next-generation digital completion platform, which can support millions of insurance, automotive, telecom and financial interactions.

With native integration between the platforms complete, customers using Lightico’s Digital Completion Cloud for end-to-end customer interactions now have access to eVaulting capabilities, critical for ensuring that digital contracts are compliant for all parties involved in the initial transaction — and trusted by the secondary market ecosystem for whole loan sale, collateralization and securitization.

“As digital interactions across the financial services industry grows, complete solutions are more important than ever to ensure a smooth, easy journey for consumers and a compliant and flexible platform for businesses,” said Steve Meirink, executive vice president and general manager for Wolters Kluwer Compliance Solutions.

“We’re excited to partner with Lightico, bringing our proprietary technology that enables Digital Originals into its system and providing best-in-class eVaulting inside a fast and efficient digital process. These capabilities ultimately help them better serve their lending customers,” Meirink continued in a news release.

 Executives also mentioned the integration can allow users of Lightico’s Digital Completion Cloud to manage authoritative copies of digital assets such as eContracts stored in eOriginal’s eVault offering easily and seamlessly.

The Digital Completion Cloud can enable B2C companies to complete processes such as auto finance originations and servicing, insurance claims and opening of new financial accounts in a quick and seamless fashion.

Lightico explained the no-code, mobile-first platform can unify eSignature, document collection, identification and verification, payment and more to enable B2C interactions to be completed in a highly convenient and efficient, multi-purpose channel.

“To successfully digitize your processes, speed and efficiency are just as important as the ability to store documents in a fully compliant fashion, which is why this partnership with Wolters Kluwer eOriginal is key to further bolstering Lightico’s offering for its clients,” said Zviki Ben Ishay, chief executive officer and co-founder of Lightico. “Furthermore, this partnership fills a critical need for many financial institutions on secondary financial market transactions.”