Subprime Analytics, which provides computerized portfolio metrics analysis of subprime auto finance installment portfolios, announced that it has completed the integration with a pair of dealer management software providers: Auto Master Systems (AMS) and FEX DMS.

Subprime Analytics founder and president Ken Shilson explained that AMS is one of the oldest and largest dealer-management software providers to dealers and
finance company operators nationwide. AMS offers several database features that allow operators to manage and monitor their performance efficiently.

Shilson insisted that portfolio performance metrics are needed today to measure their portfolio performance and to raise capital.

“Trial and error mistakes are more expensive than ever before. This is another ‘value added’ feature in the AMS solutions system. It makes excellent software even better,” he said.

The initial integration features include graphics of several important portfolio performance indicators, which users can now review periodically. These new features can allow users to quickly identify changes in portfolio performance, compare performance with industry peers and make appropriate adjustments in underwriting and collections.

Auto Master Systems is one of the leading buy-here, pay-here software companies that can deliver dealer management solutions on both client/server based (local) or hosted secured server platforms. AMS offers software solutions for leasing, related finance companies, and direct and indirect BHPH operations.

“AMS has for several years provided Subprime Analytics with a comprehensive data extract which allows their customers to ‘drill down’ and identify what’s working and what’s not inside individual portfolios,” Shilson said.“The integration of the aforementioned graphic features now allows customers to monitor their performance when they choose and perform more comprehensive analysis when needed.”

And the relationship with FEX DMS, Shilson said that “FEX DMS is a leading dealer management software provider for independent used-car operators nationwide, and this integration now makes our advanced portfolio metrics analysis available to all their customers.

“The Web-based features of FEX DMS and The integration of Subprime Analytics will allow users to monitor performance from anywhere,” he added.

The initial integration includes graphs of several important performance indicators users can review on a periodic basis. Shilson explained this function allows them to quickly identify changes in portfolio performance, compare their performance with industry peers, and make appropriate adjustments in their underwriting or collections.

“We are pleased to announce this integration and partnership with Ken Shilson. The ability of Subprime Analytics to dimension our dealers portfolios will advantage their underwriting opportunities and highlight strengths and weaknesses,” FEX DMS chief technology officer Jeff McCurry said.

McCurry insisted FEX DMS is the only all Web-based dealer management software currently available so operators and access data and reports via the internet. The company’s platform can enables users to efficiently and effectively monitor performance even when they are not at their facility.

Shilson feels the reports and features of FEX DMS software have always been some of the best available.

“The integration with Subprime Analytics adds an important tool for their customers to operate more successfully. In addition, FEX DMS has also developed a comprehensive data extract, which allows Subprime Analytics to ‘drill down’ and identify what’s working and what isn’t inside each individual portfolio. The integration of the aforementioned graphs allows customers to monitor performance when they choose and perform more comprehensive analysis when needed,” Shilson said.