Hudson Cook partners Patty Covington and Eric Johnson are among the keynote speakers on the docket for a two-day online series hosted by Chernek Consulting titled, “F&I Master Series Online Forum — The Digital Age.”

Beginning on Wednesday, Covington, Johnson and more than two dozen other experts will be discussing trends and sharing best practices involving topics such as:

• Customer engagement

• Dealer talk on digital retailing

• F&I fundamentals and why the basics are important

• Turnover and how to mitigate it

• F&I candidates and how to grow your team

• Tackling the blind spots and getting your people trained

• Data security breaches and fraud

• New finance options for independent dealers

• Credit pulls — presale and after-sale

• Bridging the gap between finance and service

• Embracing change

• Empowering others, women make great F&I candidates

Registration for the event can be completed on this website.