DriveItAway Holdings has a new advisor to keep the subscription-to-purchase technology provider on a positive trajectory with dealerships and other firms interested in automotive.

Now a publicly traded company, DriveItAway welcomed Rushab Doshi, a noted entrepreneur-in-residence and new venture builder. DriveItAway added Doshi on Thursday as it continues expansion of its program for large employers to enable vehicle ownership as both a means for entry level employees to get to work and to improve lives.

“We have reached several milestones as a company recently in the development and expansion of our subscription to ownership program, including now being a public company and focusing on enabling entry level folks the ability to benefit from driving and purchasing new EV vehicles currently available” DriveItAway founder and chief executive officer John Possumato said in a news release.

“Adding Rush Doshi to our team as an advisor, is truly the next stage of our national business expansion to lead the charge in getting our message to all employers throughout the nation that our vehicle ownership enablement program dramatically increases employee recruitment and retention results, while clearly fulfilling social and sustainability goals,” continued Possumato, who also moderated a panel discussion during this year’s Auto Intel Summit about these topics and more.

DriveItAway highlighted Doshi has a wealth of experience in leading groundbreaking, technology driven innovation. Doshi was most recently GM/entrepreneur in residence at EmployBridge, a large industrial staffing firm in the U.S. with more than 80,000 employees a week, focused on improving the lives of blue-collar workers, particularly in the area of transportation and vehicle access and ownership.

Doshi also has been entrepreneur in residence for Citi in the incubation of new products and services, and innovation director of MetLife in Asia, as well as founding and growing a number of his own technology based innovative start-ups.

The firm highlighted Doshi will help the DriveItAway team introduce the program to large companies in order to more effectively recruit and retain entry level employees and improve lives with access to personal transportation enabling ownership.

“I most recently have reviewed extensive data on the problems a lack of personal transportation has on the success companies have in hiring and retaining entry level employees throughout the U.S., and helped pilot the unique DriveItAway subscription to ownership program to solve this problem, in a way that not only substantially increased employer recruitment and retention, but also literally changes lives in a positive way,” Doshi said in the news release.

“I joined the DriveItAway team, as I think the need and timing is right to expand this solution dramatically for all companies that want greater success in employee recruitment and retention and are focused on tangible and measurable ESG goals. As DriveItAway now enables credit or down payment challenged employees the ability to drive to buy new EV vehicles, we squarely achieve both the 'E' and 'S' in auditable ESG achievements,” he continued.

“Access to personal transportation, to get to and from work, is a very old problem that now can be solved in an easy, transparent and sustainable way through innovative technology and programs such as DriveItAway,” Doshi went on to say.