EFG Companies recently reinforced its educational offerings because the company said its F&I training graduates produce an average of $206,000 in additional annual revenue.

To help more industry professionals achieve to that degree, EFG Companies welcomed Kim Kotz-Carroll as vice president of training and recruiting.

EFG reiterated that it positions clients to weather industry changes through its client engagement model that incorporates ongoing sales, F&I and compliance training, active recruiting, and product innovation with ongoing in-store engagement to tackle each dealership’s unique goals. This engagement model relies on the expertise of individuals like Kotz-Carroll to provide strong direction to both EFG and its clients.

Throughout her 25 years of notable sales, operations, and training experience, EFG highlighted through a news release that Kotz-Carroll is known for developing enablement initiatives and managing sales programs which have driven profitable results for brands such as LoJack, DealerSocket, Cox Automotive, Dealertrack and Reynolds & Reynolds.

Kotz-Carroll is a Certified Technical Trainer (CTT) from The Chauncey Group, a Certified Challenger Messaging Consultant from Gartner, and a certified Association of Finance and Industry Professional (AFIP).

Now she’s being tasked of helping EFG training graduates who also maintains an average of $2,051 in client F&I PRU.

“In our current sales environment, dealers are facing a complicated paradigm shift,” Kotz-Carroll said in the news release. “On one hand, the traditional sales model is under tremendous strain to accommodate more pre-orders, an online or hybrid sales environment, and demand for increased transparency from both consumers and regulators.

“On the other hand, the process changes and market shifts are also creating a heightened regulatory atmosphere as regulators work to better understand the downhill compliance implications of processes such as online sales and market pricing adjustments,” she added.

For more information about EFG’s training offerings, visit this website.