F&I Sentinel might have its platform based in the cloud, the service provider is making sure it has the human resources it needs to function correctly.

This week, F&I Sentinel announced the addition of experienced software engineers Ryan McCauley and Kevin Ye, who will join the company in key roles to support the cloud-based CITADEL SaaS platform.

F&I Sentinel’s CITADEL SaaS platform is designed to be an efficient turn-key compliance solution that can protect finance companies, dealers and consumers by lessening reputation, financial, litigation and regulatory risks in connection with the sale and financing of vehicles and insurance products.

McCauley is a former USA Computing Olympics competitor, a globally recognized competitor in the Carnegie Mellon Informatics and Mathematics Competition and a first-place winner of the Florida State University Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Programming Contest.

Before joining F&I Sentinel as a software engineer, McCauley worked with Mission Mentor, a branch of the Harvard Innovation Labs Venture Program, the Harvard Computer Society Builder Incubation Program, and MIT Spark, working with a team of developers to create and maintain a student-based mentor startup and implementing front-end software logic.

Prior to joining F&I Sentinel, Ye worked with Echo Global Logistics as a software engineer, where he designed and implemented back-end systems to support quoting, tendering, and load tracking functionalities. He also built CI/CD pipelines using Microsoft Azure Pipelines to automate testing and deployments to develop and stage environments and implemented data orchestration and streaming pipelines for analytics. Ye is certified in CompTIA Security+ and is an expert in technical support.

“F&I Sentinel offers cutting-edge solutions, and the addition of these three exceptional talents will help push us even further ahead,” said Stephen McDaniel, founder and CEO of F&I Sentinel.

“Ryan’s extensive accomplishments in computer science so early in his career enable him to lead F&I Sentinel’s platforms, while Kevin’s well-established professional experience in software engineering aligns with our innovative technology products and solutions,” McDaniel added.