IRVING, Texas -

The American Recovery Association’s relationship with its newest industry partner recently produced more fruit to help members.

Through its latest industry whitepaper, ARA highlighted that Bassford Remele takes a closer look at problematic provisions in a boilerplate clause, including:

• Indemnification clauses

• Limitation-of-liability clauses

• Dispute resolution clauses, including fee-shifting provisions, choice-of-law- provisions, choice-of-venue provisions and arbitration or mediation provisions.

“We are honored to present our latest industry White Paper addressing contracts that are being presented to our industry for our consideration,” ARA officials said. “While these points are not specific to any one contract, they address the terms that are in most of them.

“As noted in the whitepaper, these points or comments are not legal advice for your company but guidance for you to consider and consult with your attorney,” officials went on to say.

The whitepaper can be downloaded on this website.