This week, 700Credit announced a product alliance with Tekion and its Automotive Retail Cloud (ARC).

Executives explained the new alliance will provide Tekion dealers with seamless access to 700Credit’s credit report and compliance platform, optimizing the sales process and providing a smooth workflow.

Tekion has tried to challenge what it calls the traditional DMS paradigm by fully leveraging a cloud-native platform. ARC is a platform that includes all functionalities of a dealer management system (DMS) and accompanying tech stack to fully operate a retail automotive business.

“Tekion has jumped on to the DMS scene with quite a splash and is being quickly adopted by dealerships across the country,” 700Credit Managing Director Ken Hill said in a news release.

“We are extremely excited to have Tekion as a partner and welcome their customer base to our 700Credit family. Their integration of our cloud-based credit and compliance modules fits well into the Tekion workflow,” Hill continued.

Tekion senior vice president of commercial operations Napoleon Rumteen shared this perspective on working with the provider of credit reports, compliance solutions and soft-pull products.

"Tekion is driven to continuously expand seamless integrations in the automotive ecosystem to optimize the dealer and consumer experience. Partnering with 700Credit is a no-brainer in staying true to our commitment,” Rumteen said.