The Art & Science of Acquiring Used Vehicles *Post Webinar


For many dealers, the inability to acquire enough of the right used vehicle inventory impedes their success and profitability. This webinar reveals how dealers can clear the logjam through a more effective and efficient strategy to purchase the “right” cars at online and physical auctions.

Find out how to cut the time required to research used vehicles by more than 50 percent, increase “win” rates with a strategy-minded mix of live, in-the-lane and proxy bids, establish purchase parameters combine sound retail instincts and data to minimize the number of “problem” cars you acquire, and maximize the profitability of those you acquire.

Take-home bonus: A blueprint to help you evaluate each buyer’s ability to master the art and science of auction acquisitions and help you achieve your goals for used vehicle sales and profitability.

Here's a recap of the topics discussed in the presentation: